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Kanawha-Charleston Health Department
In Your Community
Making a Difference in Kanawha County

  Spotlight on Health

A program focusing on the most important health issues that affect our state and its citizens. Hosted by our own Dr. Rahul Gupta

Catalog ID Show Topic
HS 141.28 Public's Health & the Judiciary
HS 141.27 WV Partnership for Elder Living
HS 141.26 Medicine & Public Health
HS 141.25 30 Years of WV Health Care
HS 141.24 Reporter's View: Elk River Chemical Spill
HS 141.23 Community Transformation Grant
HS 141.22 West Virginia Water Crisis
HS 141.21 New Year's Resolutions
HS 141.20 Maternal & Child Health
HS 141.19 Minority Health
HS 141.18 Healthcare Changes
HS 141.17 Meth & Substance Abuse
HS 141.16 School Health
HS 141.15 Emergency Preparedness
HS 141.14 Summer Safety
HS 141.13 Health & Wellness in the Workplace
HS 141.12 County Health Rankings
HS 141.11 Health and Health Policy
HS 141.10 A New Year - A New You
HS 141.09 Health: A Legislative Agenda
HS 141.08 The Shape We're In
HS 141.07 Are You Ready?
HS 141.06 Healthy Schools
HS 141.05 Give it a Shot
HS 141.04 Get WV Moving
HS 141.03 Summer Safety
HS 141.02 State of our Health
HS 141.01 Emergency Preparedness



  KCHD In the News

Recently, KCHD's Health Officer and Executive Director, Dr. Rahul Gupta, was featured on the State Journal's Decision Makers which airs every Sunday morning at 8:00am on WV Public Broadcasting.  Check out the Decision Makers website here for previous episodes!

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